Bendigo Taxis is the premier taxi booking service in the Bendigo region.

  • Our Service

    Bendigo Taxis offers a door to door fully chaffered transport to individuals, companies, groups and wheelchair clients travelling around Bendigo or to Melbourne and up to the boarder.We also offer a urgent parcel delivery service when you cannot wait for a courier.

  • Our Fleet

    Bendigo’s fleet of 47 vehicles offers a variety of vehicles for your travel needs from a sedan, wagon to wheelchair access vehicles which can also carry between 7-11 passengers .

    Our taxis are equipped with the latest computerised booking and dispatch facilities including GPS technology to enable dispatch of the nearest available car. Each taxi is equipped with electronic payment system which recognises all major credit cards.

  • Gas Refuelling Station

    Drivers please note: Bendigo Taxis also has a gas refuelling station for vehicles at 9 Rohs Road, East Bendigo. This refuelling station provides straight propane, unlike service stations who have auto mix.